Maranatha has supported a woman from our church who lived and served in Nepal for the past two decades but recently moved back to Canada. We took a team of nine volunteers to Nepal in the fall of 2014 to assist in her work there with various NGO’s (non-governmental organizations).

Six months later in the spring of 2015, two massive earthquakes devastated Nepal, killing thousands of people, destroying tens of thousands of homes and buildings, and affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. We raised over $20,000 to assist in earthquake relief efforts, which we channelled through the NGO’s we work directly with.

We returned with a team of four in the fall of 2015 to once again assist various Christian humanitarian organisations and local churches in their good work. One particular project was to purchase and deliver school supplies, clothing, and colouring books to 250 children in a remote village where over 95% of the homes and buildings were destroyed in the earthquakes. We also donated sporting equipment to the village school, which also suffered major damage from the quakes. The local church in that village had started to build a home for children who were orphaned through the earthquake or through other tragic circumstances but they ran out of money. Upon our return to Canada, we were able to find donors who paid for the completion of the project. There are now nine orphans living in the home being cared for by a woman whose house was destroyed in the earthquake and killed her adult son.

We raised around $4,000 during the 2016 Christmas season so one of our ministry partners could provide school uniforms for hundreds of very poor children in four remote villages. He was also able to provide a water cistern for one the villages to collect safe drinking water.

We will continue to raise funds for various projects in Nepal and continue to take teams there to serve alongside our ministry partners.